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Sluyter, R. & Stokes, L. (2014). Polymorphic variants of the P2X7 receptor in the domestic dog. Jacobs Journal of Veterinary Science and Research, 1 (1), 008.


Due to distinctive features including genome architecture, population diversity, breed structure and breed-specific disorders, the domestic dog (Canis familiaris) is becoming an important animal to study the genetics of morphology, behaviour and disease susceptibility in mammals [1]. Further, with around 360 of the some 450 diseases in dogs similar to that of human diseases, dogs provide a valuable model to identify the genetic causes of many diseases in humans [1]. Thus, one of the goals in canine biology is to better define the genetic and phenotypic diversity that exists between the 400 dog breeds [2]. Therefore, our groups have begun to explore the diversity in the gene encoding the canine P2X7 receptor (P2RX7) and its impact on receptor function in this species [3], as well as the role of this receptor in dogs [4-8].