Physical activity and genitourinary cancer survivorship



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Galvao, D. A., Taaffe, D. R., Spry, N. & Newton, R. U. (2011). Physical activity and genitourinary cancer survivorship. In K. S. Courneya & C. M. Friedenreich (Eds.), Physical Activity and Cancer (pp. 217-236). Heidelberg: Springer.

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Physical Activity and Cancer


In this chapter we discuss common toxicities arising from genitourinary cancer treatments, in particular the adverse effects from androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer given its well established detrimental effects on physical, physiological, and psychological function, and existing physical activity research in the postdiagnosis period including studies focusing on supportive care and some limited data on disease outcomes. Overall, consistent positive outcomes have been reported across studies showing that exercise is beneficial to reduce a number of treatment-related toxicities and improve symptoms. Additional studies are needed in genitourinary cancers other than prostate to establish specific physical activity requirements and implementation strategies.

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