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Chairat, M., Bremner, J. B., Samosorn, S., Sajomsang, W., Chongkraijak, W. & Saisara, A. (2015). Effects of additives on the dyeing of cotton yarn with the aqueous extract of Combretum latifolium Blume stems. Coloration Technology, 131 (4), 310-315.


Flavonoid constituents from the aqueous extract of the stems of Combretum latifolium Blume sourced in Thailand have potential use as dyestuffs for cotton dyeing. In an effort to improve current natural dyeing methods with this extract, further aspects of the process were studied. It was found that, before equilibrium was reached, an increase in temperature led to an increase in dye adsorption rate of the extract; the initial rate and extent of dye adsorption was further increased by the addition of sodium chloride to the dyebath. In addition, cotton yarn pretreated with a chitosan solution (with and without a crosslinking glyoxal solution), followed by dyeing with C. latifolium extract, provided better depth of shade and also gave better fastness to light and washing than the untreated cotton yarn. Post-mordanting cotton yarn with a biomordant solution from Memecylon scutellatum leaves also gave good light and wash fastness of the resulting dyed cotton, comparable with the dyeing results with the less environmentally friendly alum as a mordant.



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