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Yang, Y., Wu, S., Lilley, R. McCausland. & Zhang, R. (2015). The diversity of membrane transporters encoded in bacterial arsenic-resistance operons. Peerj, 3 (May), e943.


Transporter-facilitated arsenite extrusion is the major pathway of arsenic resistance within bacteria. So far only two types of membrane-bound transporter proteins, ArsB and ArsY (ACR3), have been well studied, although the arsenic transporters in bacteria display considerable diversity. Utilizing accumulated genome sequence data, we searched arsenic resistance (ars) operons in about 2,500 bacterial strains and located over 700 membrane-bound transporters which are encoded in these operons. Sequence analysis revealed at least five distinct transporter families, with ArsY being the most dominant, followed by ArsB, ArsP (a recently reported permease family), Major Facilitator protein Superfamily (MFS) and Major Intrinsic Protein (MIP). In addition, other types of transporters encoded in the ars operons were found, but in much lower frequencies. The diversity and evolutionary relationships of these transporters with regard to arsenic resistance will be discussed.



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