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Andrews, P. W., Baker, D., Benvinisty, N., Miranda, B., Bruce, K., Brustle, O., Choi, M., Choi, Y. -M., Crook, J. M., de Sousa, P. A. et al (2015). Points to consider in the development of seed stocks of pluripotent stem cells for clinical applications: International Stem Cell Banking Initiative (ISCBI). Regenerative Medicine, 10 (2s), 1-44. © Copyright 2015. Future Medicine Ltd - reproduced with permission.

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Paper reproduced with permission from Future Medicine Ltd.


In 2009 the International Stem Cell Banking Initiative (ISCBI) contributors and the Ethics Working Party of the International Stem Cell Forum published a consensus on principles of best practice for the procurement, cell banking, testing and distribution of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines for research purposes [1], which was broadly also applicable to human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) lines. Here, we revisit this guidance to consider what the requirements would be for delivery of the early seed stocks of stem cell lines intended for clinical applications.



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