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Brown, S. H., Huxtable, L. H., Willcox, M. D. P., Blanksby, S. J. & Mitchell, T. W. 2013, 'Automated surface sampling of lipids from worn contact lenses coupled with tandem mass spectrometry', The Analyst, vol. 138, no. 5, pp. 1316-1320.


The deposition of biological material (biofouling) onto polymeric contact lenses is thought to be a major contributor to lens discomfort and hence discontinuation of wear. We describe a method to characterize lipid deposits directly from worn contact lenses utilizing liquid extraction surface analysis coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (LESA-MS/MS). This technique effected facile and reproducible extraction of lipids from the contact lens surfaces and identified lipid molecular species representing all major classes present in human tear film. Our data show that LESA-MS/MS is a rapid and comprehensive technique for the characterization of lipid-related biofouling on polymer surfaces.

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ARC/LP0989883, ARC/FT110100249