Data Analysis



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Coombes, J. S. & Taaffe, D. R. (2014). Data Analysis. In J. S. Coombes & T. L. Skinner (Eds.), ESSA's student manual for health, exercise & sport assessment (pp. 407-424). Chatswood NSW: Elsevier Australia.


This practical is designed to provide basic skills to analyse and interpret data using statistical techniques. The preferred approach to complete these tasks is with statistical software (e.g SPSSTM' Stata"", PrismTM). However, these programs are expensive and unlikely to be available outside a University. Therefore, this practical has been written predominantly using ExcelTM with the goal that these skills could be used by practitioners who may wish to complete basic data analyses on their clients. ExcelTM permits the majority of the tasks to be completed, but it takes longer and there are more steps than statistical software programs. Although most researchers would not use this approach there is likely to be a pedagogical benefit by using ExcelTM as it is easier to see what is occurring in each step. The practical has been designed to use data from participants (e.g. classmates) who have completed other practicals in this manual. It starts with a single 'sheet' within an Excel spreadsheet. This sheet may contain over 100 variables (Figure 18.1).

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