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Macphail, R. I., Goldberg, P. & Barton, R. N. E. (2012). Vanguard Cave sediments and soil micromorphology. In R. N. E. Barton, C. B. Stringer & J. C. Finlayson (Eds.), Neanderthals in Context: a report of the 1995-1998 excavations at Gorham's and Vanguard Caves, Gibraltar (pp. 193-210). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University School of Archaeology. © Copyright 2012. Oxford University School of Archaeology and Individual authors - reproduced with permission.

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Neanderthals in Context

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Paper reproduced with permission from the author.


[extract] Introduction Vanguard Cave contains a sequence of over 17 m of deposits, generally made up of massive, coarse to medium sands interfingered with tabular to lenticular units of silts and silty sands (Fig 13.1).