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Perez-Juez, A., Goldberg, P. & Cabanes, D. (2011). Estudio interdisciplinar del hábitat post-talayótico: bioarqueología, geoarqueología y registro arqueológico parala revisión metodológica de la arqueología en Menorca. Archaea Mediterrania 12/2011: Economia agropecuària i canvi social a partir de les restes bioarqueològiques. El primer mil·lenni aC a la Mediterrània occidental (pp. 139-149). Spain: University of Barcelona.


[extract - translation] 1. Introduction The talayótico world has traditionally been studied from the perspective of classical archeology, applying accepted models of old. In recent years, things are changing and there are more and more projects formed by interdisciplinary teams in the study types of ceramic or architecture binds to the geomorphology, and other analytical bioarcheology ( Cova des Pas des Càrritx and Cova des Mussol , etc. ) .