The Science of Human Origins



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Tuniz, C., Manzi, G. & Caramelli, D. (2014). The Science of Human Origins. United States: Left Coast Press.

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Science of Human Origins

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This book was originally published in Italian as "La scienza delle nostre origini", 2013, Rome: Editori Laterza, ISBN 9788858106716.


Our understanding of human origins has been revolutionised by new discoveries in the past two decades. In this book, three leading paleoanthropologists and physical scientists illuminate, in friendly, accessible language, the amazing findings behind the latest theories. They describe new scientific and technical tools for dating, DNA analysis, remote survey, and paleoenvironmental assessment that enabled recent breakthroughs in research. They also explain the early development of the modern human cortex, the evolution of symbolic language and complex tools, and our strange cousins from Flores and Denisova.

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