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Hayman, B., Wilkes, L., Halcomb, E. & Jackson, D. (2015). Lesbian women choosing motherhood: the journey to conception. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 11 (4), 395-409.


Increasingly, lesbian women are choosing to have children in the context of a same-sex relationship, and their journey to conception and on to motherhood involves a range of decisions that are unique to lesbian couples. While creating a de novo family is burdened with decisions, choosing to be parents was a deliberate and conscious decision made by lesbian women participating in our study. The findings presented in this article focus on choosing which partner would be pregnant, donor decisions, as well as methods of conception used by lesbian women participating in a qualitative study that examined the experiences of lesbian mothers in Australia. This article is not intended to be interpretive, but rather a description of the processes engaged by participants.



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