Evaluation of a pre-peritoneal dialysis assessment and education programme



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Tranter, S., Cuesta, A. Claire. & Ong, S. (2014). Evaluation of a pre-peritoneal dialysis assessment and education programme. Renal Society of Australasia Journal, 10 (3), 112-115.


This study formally evaluated our pre-peritoneal dialysis (PD) programme to identify the benefits and challenges of the pre-PD period for patients and families and to discover aspects of the programme which required modification. Evaluation methods included retrospective analysis of patient data, including demographics, issues and outcomes. Patient stories were collected and analysed to ascertain the patients' experiences of the programme and preparedness for PD. Data for 94 patients were analysed in this study. The average age was 61.6 years and the average eGFR at entry onto the pre- PD programme was 11 mmol/L. The main issue identified for 34 (36%) patients was poor eyesight and 30 (32%) had more than one issue. There were no patients in this study group who were rejected as suitable for a trial of PD. Of the 94 patients, 63 patients progressed to PD with an average time to PD catheter insertion being 61 days. Patient stories revealed three themes: "Support and guidance", "Making the best of a bad situation" and "Lots to learn". Overall, patients were satisfied and welcomed the support of the PD nurses, but, at times, found the information overwhelming. Modifications have been made to the pre-PD programme and it will remain an integral component of pre-dialysis care with the aim of enabling a smooth and supported transition to PD.

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