Towards a children's food and nutrition policy



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Worsley, A. (2010). Towards a children's food and nutrition policy. In J. O'Dea & M. Eriksen (Eds.), Childhood Obesity Prevention: International Research, Controversies and Interventions (pp. 229-239). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.


This chapter examines several themes, which relate to the development of children's food and nutrition policies. Although many of the examples described here relate to Australian settings the themes explored are likely to relate to settings and sectors in many countries. The chapter briefly reviews children's food and nutrition issues, poses the need for government or community led policies, proposes a food policy knowledge management process, provides some examples of the sorts of information that can be garnered from population monitoring, and ends with an attempt to flesh out some of the elements of a children's food and nutrition policy. A related paper on school-based nutrition promotion is provided in Worsley (2005).

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