Making it work: a model for research and development in care homes



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Dewing, J. (2009). Making it work: a model for research and development in care homes. In K. Froggatt, S. Davies & J. Meyer (Eds.), Understanding Care Homes: a Research and Development Perspective (pp. 222-241). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


This chapter came about as a result of both my varied practice development experience in care facilities in the Republic of Ireland and planning my own research in a UK care home. In preparing for my own research, I undertook several activities (Dewing 2007a). First a focused literature review of other researchers' experiences of conducting research in care homes was carried out. Second, I reflected on my values and beliefs about care homes. Third, as an outcome of several structured written reflections, I developed a framework to enable me to be self-facilitating in relation to working through ethical situations I might encounter. In preparing for any systematic practice development work Garbett and McCormack (2002) and Dewing et al. (2007) suggest developing a detailed appreciation of the existing workplace culture and its historic factors. Drawing on this previous experience, I present here a model to facilitate researchers undertaking research and development in care homes. This comprises two main elements: first, awareness about the cultural setting where the research is to be conducted and second, specific issues faced by researchers that need to be addressed.

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