Understanding dementia



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Dewing, J. (2012). Understanding dementia. In I. Bullock, J. M. Clark & J. Rycroft-Malone (Eds.), Adult Nursing Practice: Using Evidence in Care (pp. 112-123). United Kingdom: Oxford University Press.

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Adult Nursing Practice: Using Evidence in Care


Adult Nursing Practice: Using evidence in care enables today's students and newly qualified nurses develop the knowledge and skills they need to deliver, and lead care tomorrow. Reflecting the principles of evidence-based care in line with the current NMC competencies, this textbook helps students learn to manage patients with common conditions and fundamental health needs so they can provide the best possible evidence-based care.

Written, and edited by leading nurses from practice, education and research, it focuses on common diseases, fundamental health needs, and symptoms that nurses' encounter in daily practice. Conditions are clearly explained so that the causes of ill health are easily understood. Every chapter covers pathophysiology, indicates the key priorities for nursing assessment, and discusses 'what the evidence says', before considering nursing management options. Throughout the authors' clear signposts to trustworthy evidence mean that students can effortlessly select the best nursing interventions for their patients using the current available evidence-base.

The ideal guide for students preparing for registration and newly qualified staff going through preceptorship, it is packed with over 115 illustrations and lots of features to bring the subject to life and make learning easier.

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