Guest Editorial: the right to walk - an older person's human right



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Dewing, J. (2008). Guest Editorial: the right to walk - an older person's human right. International Journal of Older People Nursing, 3 (1), 1-2.


One of the features that stood out for me in the 20th century with regard to citizenship, was the focus on human rights. Despite many abuses, an overall direction of travel focused on expanding human rights for what might be consid- ered the most vulnerable groups in our societies. Older people feature as one of these groups. Human Rights Acts and associated legislation create a frame- work of fundamental rights and free- doms based on a set of essential principles such as respect, equality and fairness. Any rights, of course, can be open to interpretation. However, de- spite the implementation of and amend- ments to Human Rights Acts and related legislation across the world, older peo- ple continue to receive treatment and care that runs contrary to their most fundamental human rights as citizens.

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