Getting going with facilitation skills in practice development



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Titchen, A., Dewing, J. & Manley, K. (2013). Getting going with facilitation skills in practice development. In B. McCormack, K. Manley & A. Titchen (Eds.), Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare (pp. 109-129). United Kingdom: John Wiley &Sons, Ltd.

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Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare


This chapter is written as a novelette. It follows a group of health care workers from different organisations. They are attending an introductory practice development learning programme organised by their organisations. The novelette is, of course, fiction. We have peppered it with influences from published research and reflections by others (e.g. Eldridge, 2011; Hunnisett, 2011; Jackson & Webster, 2011; Snoeren & Frost, 2011), and our own practice development research and experience (e.g. Manley, 2001; Titchen, 2004; Dewing, 2009). The characters and workplaces are imaginary, although they may share a resemblance to people and workplaces we have worked with on our own journeys. Writing fiction has enabled us to show the interior (what people are seeing, feeling, thinking and imagining), as well as the exterior (the visible actions and activities and the contexts people work in). The meaning of the novelette title, 'Making a path by walking it' and its contents are introduced through an imaginary 'arts review'.

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