A case study of practice development 'the practice development journey'



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McCormack, B. & Dewing, J. (2013). A case study of practice development 'the practice development journey'. In B. McCormack, K. Manley & A. Titchen (Eds.), Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare (pp. 88-108). United Kingdom: John Wiley &Sons, Ltd.

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Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare


In the context of the practice development 'journey' metaphor that we have used to focus the chapters in this book, this chapter should be read as a holistic example of the whole journey. In this chapter, we present an overview of a national practice development programme - 'The OlderPersonsServicesNationalPracticeDevelopmentProgramme'.Thiswasacollaborative programme over 2 years between the University of Ulster and the Republic of Ireland Health Service Executive (HSE). It involved older people, families and multi-disciplinary staff (including, e.g., registered nurses, care support workers, catering, domestic, gardening, maintenance, administration, volunteer and medical staff). The programme was facilitated in eighteen residential sites where older people live across the four HSE Administrative Areas in the Republic of Ireland (ROI). The programme was led and facilitated by two nurse researchersfromtheUniversityofUlsterandsixnursesfromtheHSENursingandMidwifery Planning and Development Units (NMPDU) 1 . Funding for the 2-year period was obtained from the National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery 2 and the HSE

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