Introducing intentional rounding: a pilot project



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Dewing, J. & O'Meara, B. (2013). Introducing intentional rounding: a pilot project. Nursing Standard: promoting excellence in nursing care, 28 (6), 37-44.


Aim: To report on the introduction of intentional rounding in an NHS trust. Method: A two-stage pilot project with participatory methods underpinned by core practice development principles was undertaken to introduce intentional rounding. Findings: Patients and staff found intentional rounding to be a positive experience, although nurses and midwives felt they were inadequately prepared to implement the practice. Leaders and managers who engaged in learning opportunities before the pilot study tended to achieve more successful and sustained practice change. Conclusion: There is disagreement among nurses about the contribution of intentional rounding to patient care, particularly in light of the weak evidence base, time involved and associated documentation. Therefore, further research is needed in this area.

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