Towards an understanding of graduate registered nurses' practice readiness



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Haddad, M. Ei., Moxham, L. & Broadbent, M. (2012). Towards an understanding of graduate registered nurses' practice readiness. 14th National Nurse Education Conference 2012: Speaker Abstracts (pp. 15-15). WA Branch Australian Nurse Teachers' Society (ANTS): Australia.


Studying in Australian Bachelor of Nursing (BN) programmes provides opportunities to develop knowledge and skills at a beginning practitioner level that can be applied in many different contexts (ANMC 2010; Moxham 2010). With the award of registration, graduate RNs are declared to be practice ready and are considered safe and competent practitioners albeit at a novice level (McGrath et al. 2006). However, a cursory analysis of the literature reveals that opinions differ between clinicians and education providers as to whether recently graduated RNs are adequately prepared for the challenges of the current healthcare system. Even though much research has been done in Australia on the issue of transition support programmes, graduate RNs' transition to practice remains problematic and poses a major challenge. Therefore, this study aims to explore the expectations of graduate RNs' practice readiness from the perspective of both industry and education sectors to address this knowledge gap within the Australian context.

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