Spices and herbs: improving public health through flavorful eating



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Tapsell, L. (2014). Spices and herbs: improving public health through flavorful eating. Nutrition Today, 49 (5), S2-S3.


Spices and herbs have a strong history of use across cultures. This use is linked to a fundamental appreciation of the health benefits of food and of the flavor it delivers. The contribution of herbs and spices to the public health effort is represented today through an exciting blend of science, culinary art, and translation to practice. This supplement reports on an important meeting in which leaders from across these domains shared their knowledge and experience. As Dr Dwyer states in the introductory address, health professionals, researchers, and policymakers have a great opportunity towork together to improve consumer eating patterns. This supplement outlines how this opportunitymay be realized, enlightened by the study of spices and herbs.

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