Problem based learning



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N. Pai (2014). Problem based learning. Presented at the NIMRCPSYCON 2014 - 2nd Joint Conference of the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) & Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych), Bengaluru, India, 7 March 2014.


WORKSHOP THEME: Challenges of establishing PBL WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION PBL continues to enjoy popularity among a wide range of instructors across numerous disciplines at many institutions. Key to successful implementation of PBL lies in designing a learning environment that stimulates students towards constructive, self-directed, collaborative and contextual learning and in consistency in or alignment between all aspects of the curriculum, such as the problems used, the tutors' guidance and the assessment employed. This workshop would generate the discussion addressing questions such as Does PBL enhances the development of generic lifelong learning competencies? Does PBL enhance deep learning? Under which conditions is PBL effective and for what kinds of students? What are the working ingredients of PBL and why does PBL work or not work? Take home messages are on themes of a) constructing problem-based learning cases b) Introducing problem based learning c) surviving in a PBL course as a student d) managing problems in PBL and e) what works in PBL and why

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