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Zhu, X., Yang, Y. & Yu, H. (2014). In silico enzyme modelling. Australian Biochemist, 45 (2), 12-15.

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Australian Biochemist


The 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel for their pioneering work on computer modelling, specifically, the 'development of multiscale models of complex chemical systems' (1). This award not only recognises the critical contributions by the three laureates to the field of molecular simulations, but also underscores the broad impact that computer simulations have made in fields as diverse as chemistry, biophysics, enzymology and material sciences. This review will present an overview of computational enzymology, a rapidly maturing field where multiscale modelling plays a key role in deciphering enzymatic catalysis (2-4).