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Plaza, A., Mueller, A., Richter, R., Skauli, T., Malenovsky, Z., Bioucas, J., Hofer, S., Chanussot, J., Jutten, C., Carrere, V., Baarstad, I., Kaspersen, P., Nieke, J., Itten, K., Hyvarinen, T., Gamba, P., Dell'Acqua, F., Benediktsson, J. A., Schaepman, M. E., Clevers, J. G. & Zagajewski, B. (2007). HYPER-I-NET: European research network on hyperspectral imaging. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium: IGARSS 2007 (pp. 4790-4793). USA: IEEE.


This paper addresses the main goals and objectives of the Hyperspectral Imaging Network (HYPER-I-NET), a recently started Marie Curie Research Training Network. The project is designed to build an interdisciplinary research community focusing on hyperspectral imaging activities. The core strategy of the network is to create a powerful interdisciplinary synergy between different domains of expertise closely related to hyperspectral imaging activities in Europe, ranging from sensor design and flight operation to data collection, processing, interpretation, and dissemination. Our main goals in this paper are to present the project to the Geoscience and Remote Sensing community and to provide an overview of the planned activities in each sub-activity covered by the network.



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