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Miller, A. A. (2014). A rational informatics-enalbed approach to the standardised naming of contours and volumens in radiation oncology planning. Journal of Radiation Oncology Informatics, 6 (1), 53-70.


The standardising of nomenclature in the radiotherapy planning process has deep implications for the abilityof the profession to examine the adequacy of construction of radiotherapy plans in outcomes research, particularly in relation to disease control and toxicity generation. This paper proposes an interim standardisednomenclature which can be used by any institution as a template for a mappable local standard.The nomenclature is systematically constructed using the Foundational Model of Anatomy, ICRU Report 50 and ICRU report 62. The system foreshadows a XML metadata structure to detail the method of constructionof volumes. Treatment Planning System vendors should build their software with the ability to use this systematic construction technique so that contours and volumes in a radiotherapy plan can be annotated. Thismetadata will allow the investigation of how a radiation plan's construction can a ect the therapy outcome.



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