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Price, I. (2003). Introduction of behavioural based safety. Commonwealth Safety Forum Annual Conference: 21 November 2003, Rydges Canberra (pp. 1-11). Australia: Price:HealthSafe.


Behavioural Based Safety in the workplace is the application of industrial or organisational psychology to promote health and safety (I). Our own complexities makes us all fallible, whether it be from the fact we love to push the boundaries, challenge authority, cognitive failures, memory lapse, processing errors or personal health related problems, we make mistakes (2). Generally thought as a species we do try to do the right thing, co-operate with one another, and don't go out of our way to be disobedient or want to cause physical harm or damage. Behavioural Based Safety can be said to be a scientific attempt to both understand the relationship between human nature and work, and a mechanism to improve this relationship where necessary....