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Jaffe, D. A., Lyman, S., Amos, H. M., Gustin, M. S., Huang, J., Selin, N. E., Levin, L., Ter Schure, A., Mason, R. P., Talbot, R., Rutter, A., Finley, B., Jaegle, L., Shah, V., Mcclure, C., Ambrose, J., Gratz, L., Lindberg, S., Weiss-Penzias, P., Sheu, G., Feddersen, D., Horvat, M., Dastoor, A., Hynes, A. J., Mao, H., Sonke, J. E., Slemr, F., Fisher, J. A., Ebinghaus, R., Zhang, Y. & Edwards, G. (2014). Progress on understanding atmospheric mercury hampered by uncertain measurements. Environmental Science and Technology (Washington), 48 (13), 7204-7206.


Mercury (Hg) is a potent neurotoxin and globally reducing environmental levels is seen as paramount for protecting human and wildlife health. In 2013, many countries finalized the negotiations on, and have now signed, the Minamata Convention on Mercury, which commits participating countries to reduce emissions and use of mercury. Successful implementation of the treaty will require adequate verification through globalmonitoring.



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