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Vora, K. H., Gaur, A. S., Price, D. & Sundaresh, (2002). Cultural sequence of Bet Dwarka island based on thermoluminescence dating. Current Science, 82 (11), 1351-1356.


Earlier studies on the onshore and inter-tidal zone explorations in Bet Dwarka island had revealed the presence of a large number of potsherds and other antiquities that correspond to the protohistoric (2000- 1500 BC), historical (3rd century BC to 5th century AD) and medieval (8th century to 15th century AD) periods. Until the present time there has been a lack of absolute chronology. This study therefore attempts to address this deficiency. Accordingly, nine potsherds from four different sites of Bet Dwarka island were dated by thermoluminescence (TL). The ages obtained from site BDK-VI vary between 3870 and 2220 years BP; those from BDK-1 vary between 3160 and 830 years BP; those from BDK-11 vary between 1780 and 960 years BP, and those from Khuda Dost Dargah vary between 1240 and 880 years BP. When analysed on the basis of their locations, they are in conformity with the expected period. Interestingly, at site BDK-VI and BDK-1 a few potsherds, believed to be of protohistoric period, are apparently considerably more recent (2000 years BP), which may suggest the continuation of protohistoric habitation up to historical period at the same site. These TL ages assist in establishing a cultural sequence for Bet Dwarka island.