The Bone Readers: Science and Politics in Human Origins Research



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Tuniz, C., Gillespie, R. & Jones, C. (2009). The Bone Readers: Science and Politics in Human Origins Research. Walnut Creek, CA, United States: Left Coast Press, Inc.

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The Bone Readers are a dedicated group of scholars who study the earliest human remains, their chemistry and DNA, their extinct floral and faunal contemporaries, and the geologic layers in which they were found. Their research leads them to theories about modern human origins that continually challenge conventional wisdom and cherished beliefs— about "Eve ," Neanderthals, "hobbits," and the Bering Straits, among others. Two leading Bone Readers and a science writer have penned a literate, authoritative summary of the current questions and the minefield of academic politics that surround it. Ideal for students in human origins or biological anthropology courses, and a delightful read.

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