Sedimentation rates on embanked floodplains determined through quartz optical dating



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Wallinga, J., Hobo, N., Cunningham, A. C., Versendaal, A. J., Middelkoop, H. & Makaske, B. (2010). Sedimentation rates on embanked floodplains determined through quartz optical dating. Quaternary Geochronology, 5 (2-3), 170-175.


We investigate the use of quartz optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating for determining fluvial overbank sedimentation rates over decades to centuries. For the study we took 11 samples from three cores from an embanked floodplain along the River Waal (Rhine) near Neerijnen (The Netherlands). We propose a measurement protocol for young fluvial quartz based on the single-aliquot regenerative dose procedure. Parameters for the protocol are chosen to isolate the fast OSL component, eliminate an ultrafast OSL component and avoid thermal transfer. The protocol shows excellent dose recovery and recycling ratios. For each sample, a Gaussian is fitted to the lower part of the equivalent dose distribution to obtain an estimate of the burial dose. We discuss the validity of the OSL ages using internal and external controls, and conclude that there is no evidence for large systematic offsets in the OSL ages. OSL based sedimentation rates are between ∼3 and 8 mm/a, in line with previous estimates.

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