Shell midden from the Batanes excavations



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Szabo, K., Yang, S., Vitales, T. & Koppel, B. (2013). Shell midden from the Batanes excavations. In P. Bellwood & E. Dizon (Eds.), 4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange: The Archaeology of the Batanes Islands, Northern Philippines (pp. 215-234). Canberra, Australia: ANU EPress.

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Midden shell was present at a number of the sites excavated in the Batanes during the course of this project. While sample sizes and states of preservation are highly variable, the variety in terms of site type, geographic location, and chronology allows for a summary overview of shellfish exploitation throughout the prehistoric sequence of the Batanes Islands. Drawing upon these variables, we will situate each assemblage within its spatio-temporal context and compare and contrast midden shell deriving from different islands, different geographic situations (e.g. sea caves, inland shelters, open sites) and different time periods.

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