Use of digital retinal imaging in screening for retinopathy of prematurity



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Kandasamy, Y., Smith, R., Wright, I. & Hartley, L. (2013). Use of digital retinal imaging in screening for retinopathy of prematurity. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 49 (1), E1-E5.


The frequency of premature births is increasing world-wide. This factor, combined with improved survival and revised screening criteria, is resulting in an increased workload in screening for retinopathy of prematurity. Digital retinal imaging is emerging as an important alternative tool for diagnosing retinopathy of prematurity, and its use has even been extended to developing countries. Neonatal nurses and technicians can be trained to use digital imaging devices effectively. This is important in areas that do not have ready access to paediatric ophthalmologists. The ability to transfer images electronically makes it a valuable tool in telemedicine, while the ability to store and retrieve images is also advantageous from a medico-legal perspective. Image analysis software can further improve the accuracy of diagnosis. The main limitation of this technology is its high capital cost.

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