Student nurse maths and medications: survival guide



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Reid-Searl, K., Dwyer, T., Moxham, L., Reid-Speirs, J. & Richards, A. (2009). Student nurse maths and medications: survival guide. Harlow: Pearson Education.


This handy pocket-sized text provides students with the essential information that they will need on placement, acting as a super quick reference guide to assist nursing students with calculations and medication administration. The text contains basic mathematical concepts, standard formulas, and essential information on safe medication administration. The laminated wipe down paper will be very useful for students on placement. This text will be particularly useful for nursing students starting their placements at year 1. Nursing students at year 2 and 3 will also find this book invaluable, and practicing nurses may also want a copy to refer to during their work.

Please refer to publisher version or contact your library.