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Rickards, R. B., Farrell, J. R., Wright, A. J. & Morgan, E. J. (2005). Silurian graptolites from the Barnby Hills Shale and the Hanover Formation, New South Wales. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 126 153-169.


Additional collections of graptolites from the Barnby Hills Shale and new collections of graptolites from the Hanover Formation in the Lachlan Fold Belt of central western NSW are documented. The Late Silurian Hanover Formation is shown to range from the spineus Biozone (late Ludlow) to the parultimus Biozone (Pridol ). A fauna containing Monograptus ludensis is recorded from the Barnby Hills Shale, which is now known to range from the ludensis Biozone (late Wenlock) to the inexspectatus or kozlowskii Biozone (late Ludlow). New dendroid graptolite taxa described here include Dendrograptus typhlops sp. nov. from the Barnby Hills Shale and Dictyonema paululum hanoverense subsp. nov. from the Hanover Formation. Monograptus spineus, from the Hanover Formation, is reported for the first time outside Europe. The new data confirm that strata assigned to the cornutus and praecornutus biozones (late Ludlow) are widely distributed in central NSW, and confirm previous suggestions for a latest Ludlow sea level highstand followed by a shallowing.