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Edgecombe, G. D. & Wright, A. J. (2004). Silicified early devonian trilobites from Brogans Creek, New South Wales. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 124 177-188.


Trilobites in an Emsian silicified fauna from the Carwell Creek Formation at Brogans Creek SE of Mudgee, NSW, include Acanthopyge (Jasperia) bifida, Dentaloscutellum hudsoni and Proetus nemus, all originally described from the Taemas area of NSW, together with Sthenarocalymene. Proetus nemus was known from limited material at Taemas, but is the most abundant species at Brogans Creek. Fuller description substantiates membership in Proetus (=Devonoproetus), rather than Ryckholtia, Longiproetus or Rhenocynproetus. Early ontogenetic stages of the trilobites are lacking at Brogans Creek, in contrast to Taemas. Conodonts co-occurring with the shelly fauna at Brogans Creek and at Taemas include Polygnathus nothoperbonus, which indicates the Polygnathus perbonus Conodont Zone (medial Emsian).