Nursing care of clients having surgery



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Kable, A. & Bourgeois, S. (2014). Nursing care of clients having surgery. In P. Lemone, K. Burke, T. Levett-Jones, T. Dwyer, L. Moxham, K. Reid-Searl, K. Berry, K. Carville, M. Hales, N. Knox, Y. Luxford & D. Raymond (Eds.), Medical-Surgical Nursing: Critical Thinking for Person-Centred Care (pp. 59-89). Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia.


LEARNING OUTCOMES . Discuss the differences and similarities between outpatient and inpatient surgery . Describe the various classifications of surgical procedures. . Identify diagnostic tests used during the perioperative period. . Describe nursing implications for medications prescribed for the person having surgery . Provide appropriate nursing care for people having surgery in the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of surgery. . Identify variations in peri operative care for the older adult. . Describe principles of pain management specific to acute postoperative pain control. . Use the nursing process as a framework for providing individualised care for people undergoing surgery.

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