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Codilean, A. T., Bishop, P. & Hoey, T. B. (2006). Surface process models and the links between tectonics and topography. Progress in Physical Geography: an international review of geographical work in the natural and environmental sciences, 30 (3), 307-333.


Advances in the theoretical understanding of large-scale tectonic and surface processes, along with a rapid growth of computing technology, have stimulated interest in the use of numerical surface process models (SPMs) of long-term landscape evolution, especially in relation to the links between tectonics and topography. Because of these advances and possibilities and because SPMs continue to play an important part in recent geological, geomorphological, thermochronological and other geosciences research, the models warrant review and assessment. This review summarizes and evaluates the important issues concerning SPMs of long-term landscape evolution that have been addressed only in a passing way by previous authors. The issues reviewed here are: (1) the formulation of the 'laws' that represent fluvial and hillslope processes in SPMs; (2) the implementation of the various algorithms on numerical grids; (3) model parameterization and calibration; and (4) model testing.



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