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Stephens, M. (2013). A 'haem theme' but a commonality of practice. Australian Journal of Cancer Nursing, 14 (1), 2-2.


This issue of our journal has a haematological theme but our four papers report findings and engage in discussion that resonates with all cancer nurses. The threads that link the four papers are those of living with cancer and haematological malignancies and how best to support individuals doing this. Survivorship has been characterised as living on after a cancer diagnosis, as being a life-changing experience and as having both positive and negative aspects. The concept of survivorship has also been used as a tool to frame a survivor's experience and to describe the meaning making, skill building 'craftwork'1 required by survival. A key consideration, therefore, for us as cancer and haematology nurses, is how to work with individuals affected by cancer and haematological malignancies and our fellow health professionals to enable individuals to survive well at all times across the trajectory of survival.