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Watson, D., Jacombs, A. S., Loebel, D. A., Robinson, E. S. & Johnston, P. G. (2000). Single Nucleotide Primer Extension (SNuPE) analysis of the G6PD gene in somatic cells and oocytes of a kangaroo (Macropus robustus). Genetical Research, 75 (3), 269-274.


cDNA sequence analysis of the X-linked glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) gene has shown a base difference between two subspecies of the kangaroo, Macropus robustus robustus (wallaroo) and M. r. erubescens (euro). A thymine residue in the wallaroo at position 358 in exon 5 has been replaced by a cytosine residue in the euro, which accounts for the previously reported electrophoretic difference between the two subspecies. This base difference allowed use of the Single Nucleotide Primer Extension (SNuPE) technique to study allele-specific expression of G6PD at the transcriptional level. We began by examining G6PD expression in somatic cells and observed complete paternal X inactivation in all somatic tissues of adult female heterozygotes, whereas we found partial paternal allele activity in cultured fibroblasts, thus confirming previous allozyme electrophoresis studies. In late dictyate oocytes from an adult heterozygote, the assay also detected expression of both the maternal and paternal alleles at the G6PD locus, with the maternal allele showing preferential expression. Thus reactivation of the inactive paternally derived X chromosome occurs during oogenesis in M. robustus, although the exact timing of reactivation remains to be determined.