CCL2 DNA vaccine to treat renal disease



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Watson, D., Zheng, G., Wu, H., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., Harris, D. C. H. & Alexander, S. I. (2009). CCL2 DNA vaccine to treat renal disease. The International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, 41 (4), 729-732.


CCL2 DNA vaccines are directed against the host chemoattractant molecule CCL2 (MCP-1), a key chemokine in recruiting macrophages to sites of inflammation. Macrophages recruited by CCL2 lead to progressive renal injury. In rat models of disease unmodified CCL2 DNA vaccine in combination with a CCL5 (RANTES) DNA vaccine can protect against chronic renal disease. The mechanism of protection involves the induction of auto-antibodies to the CCL2. Introduction of the adjuvant p-tet into the DNA structure of the CCL2 vaccine leads to enhanced potency with the induction of specific Th1 cellular immunity. The strategies outlined here demonstrate a model for developing potent vaccines against highly restricted self targets.

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