Tribute to Professor Garry Walter, Editor 2001-2013



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Kaplan, R. M. (2013). Tribute to Professor Garry Walter, Editor 2001-2013. Australasian Psychiatry, 21 (6), 526-526.


Professor Garry Walter, who departs as Editor of Australasian Psychiatry ("AP") after 13 years, leaves a legacy that will be difficult to surpass. During his time, AP went from a regional, collegiate publication to a lively and highly regarded, peer-reviewed journal of international renown. The effort involved to achieve this should not be underestimated. While assuring the College that their mandate was being followed, there were several changes of publisher, a huge number of submissions to process, constant adjusting to meet the exigencies of size and word count, ensuring that advertisements could provide revenue without being too intrusive (or unethical), and the meeting of regular deadlines. On top of that, there was dealing with the wailing and whimpering of authors - possibly the greatest editorial challenge.

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