Extending knowledge of food components



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Tapsell, L., Probst, Y., Louie, J., Beck, E., Gopaldasani, V., Flood, V., Thorne, R. & Meyer, B. (2013). Extending knowledge of food components. In L. Tapsell (Eds.), Food, Nutrition and Health (pp. 85-117). South Melbourne, Victoria: Oxford University Press.


The previous chapter outlined how the consumption of food leads to the delivery of nutrients that have a significant impact on the functioning of the human body. The requirements for these nutrients were also outlined. Understanding how nutrients have an impact on the body is predicated on good classification systems. These systems help to deal with the variation in chemical structures that can be found in almost all classes of nutrients as they exist in nature. Examining the chemical structures of food components in more detail opens the doors of imagination in nutrition. It enables the further identification of pathways that may help to explain better the relationship between food consumption and health. It also means further exploration of compounds in food. This chapter examines the structure and categorisation of food components in relation to health outcomes, with a discussion of new areas and a look at water as essential in nutrition.

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