Experiencing home: sexuality



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Gorman-Murray, A. (2012). Experiencing home: sexuality. International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home (pp. 152-157). Netherlands: Elsevier.


Sexuality is fundamental in individuals' experiences of home. Discourses of the house-as-home are steeped in expectations about sexual subjectivities and relationships. However, the multiplicity of sexual subjectivities means the entwinement of domesticity and sexuality is complex. This article surveys multilayered relationships between sexuality and home through a loose scaffold of (1) heterosexual domesticities and (2) queer homes. This framework is sensitive to the interplay between heterosexual and queer domesticities, and variations within heterosexual and queer experiences of home. Diverse home experiences across various sexual subjectivities are demonstrated, including heterosexuality, same-sex attraction, polyamory, and trans.

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