Diet and cardiovascular disease: dietary patterns, foods and nutrients



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Clifton, P. M. & Tapsell, L. 2013, 'Diet and cardiovascular disease: dietary patterns, foods and nutrients', Nutrition and Dietetics, vol. 70, no. 3, pp. 170-171.


Contemporary understanding of the association between diet and cardiovascular disease (CVD) stems from the last century, with significant observations on dietary patterns and disease prevalence. The evidence-based review of the current Australian Dietary Guidelines included a number of specific questions on this topic1 and the evidence-based statements included in the guidelines are informative for practice.2 The scientific literature continues to add to this evidence base and it behoves practitioners to keep up to date and learn from new insights. Broad frameworks for incorporating new knowledge into practice can be helpful. In this Editorial, we focus on two dietary patterns for which recent major publications have provided further evidence of protection from CVD: the Mediterranean diet and vegetarian diets. In discussing these dietary patterns, we look at research on related foods and nutrients to piece together the evidence and show where gaps might create further thinking spaces for researchers and practitioners alike.

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