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McIntosh, P. D., Price, D. M., Grove, S. & Slee, A. J. (2012). Reply to Murray-Wallace et al. (2013): Comments on a paper by Slee et al. (2012). A reassessment of Last Interglacial deposits at Mary Ann Bay, Tasmania. Quaternary Australasia, 30 (1), 6-8.


We note that Murray-Wallace et al. (2013), in their comments above and in their original articles (see references in Slee et al. 2012), provide no detailed stratigraphic column or location for their observations or photographs so it is difficult to relate some of their arguments and observations to our described section. Before sampling, we examined the Mary Ann Bay exposure. At the eastern end of the site (Slee et al., 2012, Figure 2) were slumped deposits with concentrations of reworked shells in greater quantity than were found in undisturbed parts of the section. We avoided these areas when sampling and trust that Murray-Wallace and co-workers adopted the same strategy.