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L. Kirkendale, D.V. Robertson-Andersson and Pia C. Winberg, Review on the use and production of algae and manufactured diets as feed for sea-based abalone aquaculture in Victoria, Report by the University of Wollongong, Shoalhaven Marine & Freshwater Centre, Nowra, for the Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries Victoria, 2010, 198p.


This review was initiated by the Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries Victoria, and a need for updated information on the current and potential use of seaweeds in abalone diets, with particular reference to suitable off-shore grow-out systems of abalone in Victoria. Abalone aquaculture in Australia is predominantly land-based and uses artificial feeds, primarily composed of cereal crops. Although great improvements have been made in the development of artificial feeds for land based systems, there are both economic and environmental reasons to re-consider feed composition for abalone, particularly in relation to the potential for sea based systems.