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Wei, C., Lai, C., Liu, S., Chung, W., Ho, T. K., Tam, H., Ho, S. L., McCusker, A., Kam, J. & Lee, K. Y. (2010). A fiber Bragg grating sensor system for train axle counting. IEEE Sensors Journal, 10 (12), 1905-1912.


Railway signaling facilitates two main functions, namely, train detection and train control, in order to maintain safe separations among the trains. Track circuits are the most commonly used train detection means with the simple open/close circuit principles; and subsequent adoption of axle counters further allows the detection of trains under adverse track conditions. However, with electrification and power electronics traction drive systems, aggravated by the electromagnetic interference in the vicinity of the signaling system, railway engineers often find unstable or even faulty operations of track circuits and axle counting systems, which inevitably jeopardizes the safe operation of trains. A new means of train detection, which is completely free from electromagnetic interference, is therefore required for the modern railway signaling system. This paper presents a novel optical fiber sensor signaling system. The sensor operation, field setup, axle detection solution set, and test results of an installation in a trial system on a busy suburban railway line are given.


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