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Berryman, M. J. & Angus, S. D. (2010). Tutorials on agent-based modelling with NetLogo and network analysis with Pajek. In R. L. Dewar & F. Detering (Eds.), Complex Physical, Biophysical and Econophysical Systems: Proceedings of the 22nd Canberra International Physics Summer School (pp. 351-375). USA: World Scientific Publishing.


Complex adaptive systems typically contain multiple, heterogeneous agents, with non-trivial interactions. They tend to produce emergent (larger-scale) phenomena. Agent-based modelling allows one to read- ily capture the behaviour of a group of heterogeneous agents (such as people, animals, et cetera), with diverse behaviour and important in- teractions, so it is a natural t to modelling complex systems. Many complex systems (and agent-based models thereof) can be thought of as containing networks, either explicitly or implicitly. Therefore for complex systems research it is important to have a good understand- ing of network analysis techniques. This chapter is aimed at beginners to complex systems modelling and network analysis, using NetLogo (Sec- tion 1.1) and Pajek (Section 1.2) respectively. It is also aimed at more advanced complex systems modellers who want an introduction to these platforms.


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