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Barthelemy, J., Qian, Y. & Perez, P. (2020). Towards Agent-Based Traffic Simulation Using Live Data from Sensors for Smart Cities. 21st International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation: MABS 2020 (pp. 1-12).

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MABS2020 Conference


The Smart City and Internet-of-Things revolutions enable the collection of various types of data in real-time through sensors. This data can be used to improve the decision tools and simulations used by city planners. This paper presents a new framework for real-time traffic simulation integrating an agent-based methodology with live CCTV and other sensor data while respecting the privacy regulations. The framework simulates traffic flows of pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles and their interactions. The approach has been applied in Liverpool (NSW, Australia) showing promising preliminary results and can easily ingest additional sensor data, e.g. air quality.