Enhancement of FMEA risk assessment with SysML



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Shirvani, F., Scott, W., Kennedy, G. A.L. & Campbell, A. P. (2019). Enhancement of FMEA risk assessment with SysML. Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, 15 (1), 52-61.


Assuring the safety of workers and passengers is a primary concern that has to be addressed in transport systems such as Heavy Rail. Introduction of new technologies into existing operational environments requires the application of safety assurance techniques to ensure continued safe operation and maintenance. This paper describes a modelling approach (compliant with appropriate standards such as ISO 31000) which presents a set of mechanisms and guidelines to analyse transport systems from a safety point of view. This approach utilises SysML diagrams to depict hazards in their respective contexts for enhanced understanding when compared to simple table presentations with diagram variations that subsequently capture the hazard impacts and mitigation. Automatic routines generate FMEA tables thereby decreasing the effort to generate and maintain the tables while reducing the likelihood of missed content. These tables are linked back to the originating diagrams for greater clarity of how the risks have been reduced.

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